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The Missouri Headwaters Gun Dog Club Retriever group is pleased to announce our new affiliation with the Hunting Retriever Club (HRC, www.hrc-ukc.com ).  The HRC is a family oriented organization that was formed with the primary philosophy of “…conceived by Hunters for Hunters”.  The HRC program takes pride in its efforts to make their Hunt Tests reflect an actual day’s hunt.  Aside from safety, hunting realism is the number one goal the judges should be focusing on.


As a participant in an HRC event, the Handler is asked to wear typical hunting attire. This means camouflage attire is required if it is a simulated duck hunt, or white if it is a simulated snow goose hunt (etc.).  With the exception of the started level, the handler is also required to shoot from the line.  This involves the proper handling of a shotgun where the handler will “shoot” each bird as it reaches the top of its arc, and the dog is to mark the fall by watching the direction of the gun swing.  We use empty primer hulls to ensure safety and protect the hearing of the participants and their dogs. 

The HRC is affiliated with the United Kennel Club, and offers (5) different titles; the Started Hunting Retriever (SHR), the Hunting Retriever (HR), the Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH), the Upland Hunter (UH), and the Grand Hunting Retriever Champion (GRHRCH).

The members of our Retriever group also participate in both AKC hunt tests and AKC field trials as well.  The AKC hunt tests are similar to the HRC, and offer (3) levels of testing, and three corresponding titles; Junior Hunter (JH), Senior Hunter (SH), and Master Hunter (MH).  The AKC field trials are competitive events where dogs are placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and Jams (Judges awards of Merits).  There are (4) testing levels within the AKC field trial program; the Open, Amateur, Qualifying, and Derby.  A dog can earn an AKC Field Champion Title (FC), as well as an Amateur Field Champion titles (AFC).  The qualifying event is am intermediate level for dogs before they run the Open and Amateur events.  The derby is an event limited to dogs before the age of two (2). 

While many of our members choose to run many of the venues mentioned, the also tend to be hunters first and foremost.  So weather your goals for your retriever include one of the various testing programs mentioned above, or just developing a devoted and reliable hunting companion, the Retriever group can help you get their. 

Saturday April 9th, 2011 T.E.D. The video shows HRC Upland Test of two dogs starting with a walk up and one pigeon and two pheasants flushes and an honor on the walk up for the next dog.


There is a spectacular leap in the air at a flushing pheasant from "Dennis" the yellow lab in the video and well worth watching towards the end of the video.

Mike Heard

Missouri Headwaters Gun Dog Club will be hosting an HRC (Hunting Retriever Club) Upland Hunt Test April 5th & 6th at the club's training property near Three Forks Montana. For this event we will be planting pheasants pigeons, and chuckars for $70 a dog. The premium link below will have the details of this event. There is a youtube video link to check out if you have never ran this type of event before and a link to the general rules as well below. This event is open to any hunting dog breed, retrievers, spaniels etc. Please forward this email onto folks that might be interested in an upland hunting test scenario.

Premium PDF link:
2014 Hunt Premium

HRC Upland Test General Rules link:

Hunting Retriever Club general link:

Youtube Video Example:

If you'd like more information about the HRC or AKC retriever programs, or would just like to know about any training opportunities, please feel free to contact one of the board members listed below.

MHGDC HRC Board Members


David French


Vice President:

Al Gadoury


Secretary / Treasurer:

Kerri Payne


MHGDC Retriever Training YouTube Video MHGDC HRC YouTube Video

April Flushing Dog Event


Bella's the first Labrador to pass the Spaniel Hunt Test at the finished level.

Bigfoot's first hun.

David French and Dewey on the Yellowstone River.

Jim Linghor with Zap's first HRC started pass in Butte.


Joe Braverman and Rocky.

John Payne works a driven shoot in Idaho with Spirit and Hobbi.

Kerry and Dennis at the HRC upland hunt test.

Mark Yates and Rose with two HRC started passes in Butte.


Opening Day.

Puppy training with clippings.

Ron Adlington's Labrador Matte wins American Field Champion Title.

Rose at 4 months.


Shannon Taylor and his pointing Labrador.

Sharptail grouse tries to outfly Labrador.

The Woodward barks twice.

Wide load.

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