About Us

The pointer group is established for the purpose of training personal gun dogs of the pointing variety. We welcome all dogs, regardless of breeding, if registered or not. Our members have a wealth of experience training in many different ways and many are eager to help the less experienced bring their dog to a satisfying performance level. We have a very diverse mix of pointing dogs in the group, from young pups to old seasoned, mature dogs. You name the breed and we probably have it or have had it. Members enjoy our monthly fun trials which are a friendly, inexpensive, low level competition, which simulates actual hunting. Some of our members are interested in a more competitive event, and for them we sponsor a National Shoot To Retrieve Association trial in early spring each year. We support our members participation in other hunting performance oriented activities beyond our scope, including hunting ability tests and field trials put on by other organizations such as NSTRA, NAVDA, AKC, American Field and various breed clubs.

The Pointer group meets each Thursday evening at the training grounds on Carpenter Road at the Missouri Headwaters State Park between Three Forks and Logan. Sessions run from 5:00 PM till dark starting the first Thursday in April and concluding on the last Thursday in August. Training birds will be available at a nominal cost and training equipment such as launchers, etc. is available for use during training sessions. Other events may include snake breaking put on by a professional trainer and pointing dog evaluations.

Pointing Dog Evaluations, which are fun events within the club, are held on the third Saturday of the month starting at about 7:30 AM. We will have five Pointing Dog Evaluations starting April 17th, May 15th, June 19th, and August 21st.

Hunters have varying ideas of what is the best bird dog for them, and how the dog should be trained to perform. We respect that and don’t try to promote any one breed or training program over any other. We have some very experienced, knowledgeable members who are very willing to help the newcomer, should she or he ask for help.

We are a family oriented group and some of our women trainers bring their husbands and children out. Some don’t. The same goes for the men.

Mark Donavan
Rusty won the "2007 National Purina Endurance Classic" in Kennewick, WA on Sept 8,2007. Rusty qualified for this National NSTRA Trial by being the NSTRA Big Sky Region High Point Dog and 3rd runner-up at the Big Sky Region Elimination Trial in May of 2007. On the National High Point List Rusty was tied for 20th place in 2007. So far this the 1st and only national trial he's participated in. He is the very 1st dog from the NSTRA Big Sky Region to win a National Championship. Montana's Rusty Little Pants is a 3X NSTRA Field Champion. He is 5 years old Brittany male and was bred by True Grit Brits Kennel (Tana & Conrad Kradolfer). He is the first pointing dog I have ever owned and we have been trialing for 3 years.                              by Mark Donovan
One thing we are very strict about is safety. All persons in the field must wear hunter orange. Gun safety is paramount. Many handlers want to focus all their attention on their dog when training and don’t want the distraction of having to shoot get in the way of training their dog. Experienced shooters will help with the shooting when so needed. Alcohol is not permitted on the grounds.

We invite you to join us and come out with your dog to train so that both of you are prepared for a perfect opening day.


Its how you play the game. Seabiscuits first wild bird.

Its how you play the game.

Seabiscuits first wild bird.

Vizsla on point.

German Wirehair Rose pointing owner Ike todd.

Vol Steeles pointer in training. Sir Glen & Royal Griffon Trutz

7wk old black & white English pointer pup on point bred by Butch Neilson.

Vol Steeles pointer in training.

Brittany Spaniel Sage points in afternoon light owner Tana Kradolfer.

Sir Glen & Royal Griffon Trutz

English Setter, Quester pointing a sage grouse.Owner Larry Michnevich.

German Shorthair Pointer Rip owner D Girtman.

12 week old Brittany Champ on point
Dale Spartas.

Lemon and white English Pointer Judy on point owner Jimmy Lewis.

English Setter, Quester pointing a sage grouse.Owner Larry Michnevich.

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