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Spaniel Springer Ruff a quizzical pose owner Randy Setzer

Spaniel Springer Northwinds Golden Spike w/cock pheasant owner John Wright

Jack Weiss & Randy Setzer with Spinger Spaniels

Spec & Dottie owners Jack Weiss & Randy Setzer

Jack Weiss working dog

Jack Weiss training Spaniel

Jack Weiss successful Pheasant Hunt

Enthusiastic Spaniel

Greg Johnson's Tori, Spirit and Nicki take all the placements at the April fun trial.      

Greg Johnson's Tori, Spirit and Nicki take all the placements at the April fun trial.



Chesapeake Bay Willy w/ring neck pheasant owner Dale Sweetzer

Chesapeake Bay Surge & gun owner Larry Michnevich

Yellow Lab Aspen,, Chocolate LabYager,  Black Lab Addy

John Terraciano's Sundown & Titan w/ River Ready Sam Clint Krumm


Golden Retriever Buster poses with Drake Mallard.

Golden Retriever Buster in grass.

Yellow Lab owner Pat Dillon



English Setter early season Dave Kirkland move up on Setter Hank on point.

Pheasant hunt Scott Wuebber moves up on Brittany pointing in snow.

Irish Setter Joe Kandefer move up on Come Back Cowboy at 6 Runs Plantation.

Pointer Griffon Trutz owner Glen Johnston.



Bird planters at Springer trials.

Springer trials Ann Michnevich.

Pointer trials Brian and Dale with new and old MHGDC hats.

Pointer trials Men telling stories English setter pup Ben.


Pointer training pro Butch Nelson w English Pointer on lead at heel.

AKC Hunt test Shannon Taylor.



Pointer training Brian Fay steadies english setter Rosie.

Pheasant hunt Wiemaraner Buck on point Dale Sweetzer.

Vizsla on point.

German Wirehair Rose pointing owner Ike todd.


7wk old black & white English pointer pup on point bred by Butch Neilson.

Gordon Setter Lucy points.

Brittany Spaniel Sage points in afternoon light owner Tana Kradolfer.

English Setter Rosie in classic paw up point owner Brian Fay.


German Shorthair Pointer Rip owner D Girtman.

12 week old Brittany Champ on point
Dale Spartas.

Lemon and white English Pointer Judy on point owner Jimmy Lewis.



Springer trials flush & steady dog.

Pointer trials trial judge on horseback contestant follow dog.

Pointer trials Dick Chapman outside his trailer w/ string of dogs before trial.

Springer trials bird shagger
Dan Marsh.


NSTRA sign.





Clint Krumm Fil gives River Ready Kennels lab Mac a line.

Chip retrieving dummy.

Dave Corcoran Black Lab Callie

AKC Hunt test 10 year old yellow lab Max delivers cock pheasant to Joe Braverman.


Trainer Chet Beaty teaches young Sam Piccolo the back sign.

Joe Braverman with Black Lab Rio at the line.

German Short Hair with trainer Ike Todd steadies Levi owner Emery Fields.

English Setter pup Christo Spartas 5 steadies 11 wk old tri-color pup Roscoe.


Ruby on point w/ checkcord Larry flushes Brian Fay steadies setter.

Pat Dillon sending Lab on Mark



Photographs courtesy of Dale C. Spartas of www.spartasphoto.com.

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